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Abstract art BY philip noyed

Colorful Abstract Oil Paintings for Sale by American Artist Philip Noyed

Artist Philip Noyed is forging a bold new direction in expressionist art

Bright colors and distinctive forms leap off the canvas in a dynamic orchestration of energy and texture. You find yourself caught in high voltage compositions - pulled in by the extraordinary range of mood and character. Then, you discover the story behind the work, the idea that is explored.

Each painting is a revelation of the human spirit. A powerful modern Mandala that reveals more to you the longer you spend with the work. Signs and symbols abound in a complex dance of action and reaction. More >

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Celebrate the Lightness of Being New Paintings >

Celebrate the Lightness of Being - 2010

12" x 12" acrylic on canvas



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Philip Noyed Painting Show in Salzburg, Austria
Philip will be showing his paintings at the Bashimi Art House Gallery from July 16 through August 5, 2010.

Philip Noyed prints at Red Bluff Art Gallery
Prints by Philip Noyed are now showing at Red Bluff Art Gallery in Northern California.



This special autographed edition includes essays on each work written by the artist.
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Gift of Light Greeting Card

Now some of Philip's paintings are available as Prints, Posters, Note Cards, T-Shirts, Journals, Tote Bags.

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Philip Noyed Artist Statement

I create colorful action abstraction paintings. My work is an exploration of the expressive power of gesture in form and line on a stage of converging planes. Much of the work is about pushing limits and liberation. Like dancers, figures are often in motion - action and reacting in concert with other figures and shapes.

Ch'i energy forms the unifying element of the work. In essence, all areas of the canvas - form, color, plane and brush stroke - are dynamic Ch'i energy fields. I want my paintings to be vital, active and alive.

Each of the paintings is constructed in the manner of musical composition with themes and counter themes that work on a structural visual basis. The paintings explore broad topics of science, religion, musicality, dance, yoga, meditation and emotion in the way of symbolist visual poetry.

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Colorful Contemporary Modern Abstract Oil Paintings For Sale By
American Abstract Artist Philip Noyed


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