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new expressionist paintings

Jupiter 41 - Mozart's Reverie - 48 x 36 Colorful Abstract Oil Painting by Philip Noyed

New Colorful Abstract Oil Paintings by Contemporary American Artist Philip Noyed

One of the most powerful movies ever created was "Twelve Angry Men." The entire film takes place in one room and the story unfolds through discussion. No special effects. No pop music. Just a compelling story.

These paintings explore story. Mozart's last symphony, Jupiter 41. Melody so delicate as his finances detoriated and his family became destitute. The Roman Emporer Aurulian who used the symbols of the sun to enhance his power; but still a mortal, he was killed by his generals. Prometheus stealing the fire from Zues while Pandora holds the golden box. An elderly woman on the beach in the Florida Keys. Alone with her memories. View each of the paintings and read my commentaries on the paintings. Above all, enjoy.

Jupiter 41 - Mozart's Reverie Jupiter 41 - Mozart's Reverie - 2009

48" x 36" oil on canvas


Sol Invictus and the Fall of the Emporer AurelianColorful abstract oil painting
Sol Invictus and the Fall of the Emporer Aurelian - 2008

80" x 36" oil on canvas


Tocatta - Kundalini Rising Tocatta - Kundalini Rising - 2008

48" x 36" oil on canvas


Cathedral of the Ancients | Colorful abstract oil painting  Cathedral of the Ancients - 2008

48" x 36" oil on canvas

Dance of the White  Light Spectrum Dance of the White Light Spectrum - 2007

48" x 36" oil on canvas


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