The I Ching and the Quantum Leap

The I Ching and the Quantum Leap
2007  oil on canvas   24" x 18"

The I Ching is the ancient Chinese Book of Changes. For centuries this book, with its 64 hexograms, has been consulted as an oracle. The process begins with chance: the casting of sticks or coins to derive the I Ching hexogram to review. Each hexogram shows portrays two images, lines and forms. The ancient symbol for I Ching is in the purple rectangle in the painting.

Merce Cunningham incorporated the idea of chance into the creative process of dance choreography using the ideas from the I Ching to decide the order to make certain dance moves by throwing dice to make decisions. Sometimes when John Cage wrote music for a Merce Cunningham dance, they would both develop, separately, 10-minute music and dance pieces. Then, these pieces would come together for the first time in performance - and in the chance happenings the unimagined would occur.

The Quantum Leap both describes the amazing physical leap of the dancer and the Quantum Leap forward that can happen when shifting the mind set in unexpected ways.

My sketching process is a series of sketches from page to page that reveal forms to me over time. The process incorporates both automatic drawing and chance findings.

After sketching the form of the painting on this painting, I rolled dice to determine the color of elements. Some stayed the same color and some changed as I worked with the painting relying on my intuition to do what I thought looked best. Even in a world of chance, there is free choice!

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